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Azimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The Bahamas
Azimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The BahamasAzimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The BahamasAzimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The BahamasAzimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The Bahamas
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Azimut Yacht Rental - Charter around Miami & The Bahamas


*Day or night Charters are available. Including charters around Miami and to The Bahamas. 3 Bedrooms that sleep up to 8 people. βš“ Unveil Paradise: Charter the 55-Foot White and Silver Azimut Yacht in Miami and the Bahamas 🌴πŸ›₯️ Prepare for an extraordinary voyage as you step onto the sleek 55-foot Azimut yacht​,​ an embodiment of elegance in white and silver. Your journey begins in the vibrant waters of Miami and unfolds into the turquoise playground of the Bahamas. With every detail exuding opulence​,​ this yacht charter promises an unparalleled experience of luxury and adventure. 🌞 Sunlit Splendor and Coastal Majesty 🌞 Bask in the warm embrace of the sun on the expansive deck​,​ where the white and silver hues mirror the glistening waters around you. Cruise through Miami's iconic skyline and navigate the clear Bahamian waters​,​ enveloped in the ultimate comfort and sophistication our Azimut yacht provides. 🌊 Discover Bahamian Treasures 🌊 Embark on a seamless transition to the Bahamas​,​ where powdery beaches​,​ vibrant coral reefs​,​ and charming islands await your exploration. Dive into crystalline waters​,​ snorkel among marine wonders​,​ and relish in the tranquil beauty of secluded coves. Our 55 foot Azimut yacht serves as your gateway to the hidden gems of the Bahamas. πŸŒ… Sunset Magic and Starlit Nights πŸŒ… As the sun bids farewell in hues of gold​,​ amber​,​ and lavender​,​ experience the enchantment of sunsets against the backdrop of both Miami's skyline and the Bahamian archipelago. As night falls​,​ the 55-foot Azimut transforms into an exclusive haven for lavish gatherings​,​ intimate celebrations​,​ and romantic moments under the stars. πŸ›₯️ Elevate Your Journey with Azimut πŸ›₯️ Indulge in the fusion of high-end luxury and exhilarating adventure with the 55-foot white and silver Azimut yacht. Your charter journey encompasses the allure of Miami and the allure of the Bahamas​,​ crafting memories that are as vibrant as the destinations themselves. Embark on this exclusive experience – book now through Upisle and set sail for the horizon of possibilities! 🌴πŸ›₯️🌊 *Beautiful Azimut Fly 55'​,​ centrally located in a Miami Beach Marina allows you to explore the waters of Miami​,​ Florida. Day or night charters are also available​,​ with overnights to The Bahamas. This Luxury Yacht also has 3 cabins (sleeps 8) and 2 baths​,​ to ensure you and your guests are fully comfortable. Book or Contact Us now through Upisle.com

  • Boat TypeYacht (over 40ft)
  • Boat MakeAzimut
  • Boat ModelFlybridge
  • Boat Year2010
  • Boat Length (ft)55
  • Boat Passenger Capacity12
  • # of Cabin Bedrooms3
  • Boat CaptainCaptain (rental includes a captain)

Boat Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom
  • Barbecue Grill
  • Bluetooth Audio
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Boat Rules

We ask that you enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible. While also respecting our beautiful yacht and treating it with care for others to enjoy after you.

Boat Cancellation Policy

Free cancellations until 5 days before the booking start date. 50% refund of booking charges for cancellations between 2-5 days before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 2 days of the booking start date are non-refundable.


Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Miami Beach
Boat is located at: A Marina


  • DC

    We appreciate the time we had and the yacht was very nice. No complaints. Very fun and we're already planning our next yacht outing. Thnx!

    Dawn Cβ€’September 2023β€’

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