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How It Works

Upisle is the worlds most trusted community of peer-to-peer watercraft rental experiences. Watercraft owners can list their Jet Ski, Boat, Yacht, Watersport or Fishing Charter onto the Upisle platform and Earn Rental Income. Whereas Renters, can easily search through thousands of available watercraft rentals and charter options located across major cities.

For Renters

Book & Pay

Book your perfect watercraft rental by simply selecting the rental location, date and experience.

Enjoy the Water

Step aboard your watercraft rental to create unforgettable experiences with your friends and family out on the water.

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For Watercraft Owners

List Your Watercraft

Sign up for Free to create your Upisle profile & then simply create a Free Rental Listing for your Jet Ski, Boat, Yacht, Fishing or Watersport experience.

Attract Renters

Your Upisle listing will be marketed across the Upisle marketplace community and social media channels to attract the highest number of renters for your rental services.

Earn Money

Maximize your earned income and watercraft ROI by consistently booking a high volume of renters through the Upisle platform.