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About Upisle

Our Story

Welcome to Upisle, where the thrill of the water is just a rental away. Pronounced "up-eye-el," we are the worlds most trusted peer-to-peer watercraft rental marketplace. Our passion propels us and our mission is clear: to ensure easy and affordable access to Jet Ski, Boat, Yacht, Fishing, and Water Toy rentals for everyone around the world!

Based in sunny Miami, FL, Upisle is powered by a close-knit, spirited team that shares a profound love for water-based fun. Our goal is to connect people, uniting them through unforgettable watercraft rental experiences. From the moment you step on board to the final wave goodbye, we're here to ensure your Upisle adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

Renters: Dive into a World of Water Experiences

Are you yearning for adventure, relaxation, or a perfect day on the water with friends and family? Upisle offers a treasure trove of water experiences across major cities worldwide. Easily navigate our extensive collection of Jet Skis, Boats, Yachts, Sailboats, Fishing Charter and Watersport rental activities today.

Whether you’re looking to host an unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette party, ignite the spark on a romantic date, embark on thrilling adventures with friends, or simply unwind with family, Upisle has you covered with a diverse range of rental activities tailored to exceed your expectations.

From the exhilaration of full-throttle jet skiing to the serenity of anchoring your boat at a sandbar, from casting lines for deep-sea fishing in the majestic ocean, there’s never a shortage of rental experiences to enjoy.

With Upisle, it's not just about rentals; it's about creating cherished memories on the water. We're also more than a watercraft rental service; we're a trusted family of water enthusiasts and a global network united by the love of oceans, lakes & rivers.

Owners: Unlock the Potential of Your Watercraft’s Income

If you own a Jet Ski, Boat, Yacht, Fishing Charter, or any Watercraft that's ready to set sail, Upisle provides the ideal platform for you to rent your vessel out to fellow explorers and earn income for each rental. Our user-friendly & free listing process allows you to showcase your watercraft's unique features, amenities and capabilities to Upisle’s network of renters.

We ask that you please join our trusted & rapidly growing Upisle community to open up new avenues of income for yourself, while allowing others to rent and enjoy your watercraft.

Together, we can create waves of memories that will last a lifetime!