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Axopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All Activities
Axopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All ActivitiesAxopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All ActivitiesAxopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All ActivitiesAxopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All Activities
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Axopar Boat for Rent - Perfect for All Activities


Looking for a boating adventure with family & friends? Charter the spacious Axopar 37 boat; perfect for cruising comfortably​,​ dinning​,​ swimming​,​ snorkeling​,​ water tubing and creating unforgettable memories! DESTINATIONS - Marine stadium - Star island - Monument island - Nixon sandbar (6hr minimum charter required) - Hobie beach - Fisher island - Picnic island RESTAURANT LOCATIONS - Casablanca - Sea spice - Kiki on the River - American Social WHAT'S INCLUDED - Fuel - Ice (if requested) - Floating water mat 🚤 Unleash the Thrill: Command the Waters with the 2022 37-Foot White Axopar Brabus Edition Boat! 🌊 Get ready to experience boating like never before on the sleek and powerful 37-foot Axopar Brabus Edition boat. This vessel is not just a boat—it's a statement of adrenaline​,​ style​,​ and pure excitement. From sun-soaked adventures to high-speed thrills​,​ the Axopar Brabus Edition delivers an unforgettable journey on the water. 🌞 Sunlit Escapades and Unrivaled Performance 🌞 Feel the sun's warmth on your skin as you glide through the water​,​ commanding the waves with the Axopar Brabus Edition's exceptional performance. The perfect blend of luxury and power​,​ this boat offers a thrilling canvas for exploring Miami's breathtaking coastline in ultimate style. 🌊 Navigate Your Own Adventure 🌊 Chart your course along the shimmering waters of Miami​,​ uncovering hidden coves​,​ buzzing sandbars​,​ and iconic landmarks. Dive into the inviting sea​,​ partake in water sports that get your heart racing​,​ or simply anchor in a tranquil spot and revel in the coastal beauty. The Axopar Brabus Edition boat is your passport to unparalleled adventure. 🌅 Sunset Dreams and Nighttime Vibes 🌅 As the sun sets over Miami's horizon​,​ your journey takes on a magical glow. The Axopar Brabus Edition boat transforms into the perfect setting for chic cocktail parties​,​ intimate celebrations​,​ or simply cruising under the stars. With its sleek design and striking aesthetics​,​ every moment aboard is an experience to remember. 🚤 Elevate Your Boating Experience 🚤 Elevate your Miami adventure with the 37-foot White Axopar Brabus Edition boat. Whether you're seeking speed​,​ luxury​,​ or a combination of both​,​ this boat promises an electrifying escape that will leave you craving more. Book now or contact us through Upisle with any questions!

  • Boat TypeBoat
  • Boat MakeAxopar
  • Boat ModelBrabus
  • Boat Year2022
  • Boat Length (ft)37
  • Boat Passenger Capacity12
  • # of Cabin Bedrooms1
  • Boat CaptainCaptain (rental includes a captain)

Boat Amenities

  • Bathroom
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Children's Life Jackets
  • Cooler/Ice Chest
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Boat Rules

We ask that you enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible. While also respecting our beautiful Axopar boat and treating it with care for others to enjoy after you.

Boat Cancellation Policy

Free cancellations until 24 hours before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 24 hours of the booking start date are non-refundable.


Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Miami Beach
Boat is located at: A Marina


  • AN

    Book with them. I enjoyed my time. Also this was my first time riding and I enjoyed every bit of it. Great captain.

    Amin NSeptember 2023

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