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Axopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise, Wakeboard, Tube, Fish
Axopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise, Wakeboard, Tube, FishAxopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise, Wakeboard, Tube, FishAxopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise, Wakeboard, Tube, FishAxopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise, Wakeboard, Tube, Fish
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Axopar Boat Rental in Miami: Cruise​,​ Wakeboard​,​ Tube​,​ Fish


🚤Unleash Adventure: Rent the 2021 White 37-Foot Axopar Sun Top Boat! 🌊 Experience the thrill of the open waters like never before on the cutting-edge 37-foot Axopar Sun Top boat. This sleek vessel isn't just a boat—it's a ticket to excitement​,​ relaxation​,​ and unbridled fun. From sun-soaked days to exhilarating water escapades​,​ to Wakeboarding​,​ Tubing and Fishing​,​ the Axopar Sun Top delivers a boating experience that will leave you craving more. 🌞 Sunlit Escapes and Cool Comfort 🌞 Feel the sun's rays on your skin as you cruise along the coastline​,​ taking in Miami's stunning vistas from a whole new perspective. The 2021 Axopar Sun Top boat offers a blend of modern design and cool comfort​,​ ensuring that every moment you spend aboard is a delight for the senses. 🌊 Your Passport to Exploration 🌊 Navigate Miami's sparkling waters with the freedom to explore hidden coves​,​ lively sandbars​,​ and iconic landmarks. Dive into the refreshing waves​,​ engage in thrilling water sports​,​ or simply relax as you anchor in a peaceful spot. The Axopar Sun Top boat is your key to unlocking the boundless wonders of the sea. 🌅 Sunset Magic and Twilight Thrills 🌅 As the day gives way to twilight​,​ experience the magic of Miami's sunset from the deck of your Axopar Sun Top boat. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely cruise or revving up the engines for a high-speed adventure​,​ this boat promises exhilarating moments that continue long after the sun has set. 🚤 Elevate Your Boating Journey 🚤 Elevate your Miami experience with the 2021 White 37-Foot Axopar Sun Top boat. Whether you're seeking relaxation​,​ adventure​,​ or a mix of both​,​ this boat is your canvas for crafting unforgettable memories. 🌴Ready to embark on a journey that promises thrills​,​ beauty​,​ and boundless fun? Secure your Axopar booking now through Upisle and lets make waves together! 🌴

  • Boat TypeBoat
  • Boat MakeAxopar
  • Boat Model37 Sun Top
  • Boat Year2021
  • Boat Length (ft)37
  • Boat Passenger Capacity12
  • # of Cabin Bedrooms1
  • Boat CaptainCaptain (rental includes a captain)

Boat Amenities

  • Bathroom
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Cooler/Ice Chest
  • Floating Mat
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Boat Rules

This boat is built for FUN. We ask that you enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible. While also respecting our beautiful Axopar boat and treating it with care for others to enjoy after you.

Boat Cancellation Policy

Free cancellations until 24 hours before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 24 hours of the booking start date are non-refundable.


Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Miami
Boat is located at: A Private Residence


  • CW

    Been around boats my whole life and I was pleasantly impressed with the boat I rented (the Axopar). I will be a repeat renter for sure.

    Claude WuSeptember 2023

  • FD

    6 of my friends and I had a blast. We crusied slowly for an hour and then spent most of our time anchored near huge houses, swam, listened to music and ate our snacks.

    Frankie DyerSeptember 2023

  • sd

    What a fantastic experience, The boat is impressive, and great captain and fleet.

    selcuk dSeptember 2023

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