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Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!
Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!
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Gorgeous Pardo Boat For Rent = Affordable Luxury!


Experience Miami's Beauty on the Luxurious 2022 Pardo P38 Boat Rental 🌴🛥️ Welcome to a world of modern elegance and thrilling adventure aboard the 38-foot 2022 Pardo P38 boat. Step onto the deck and into the lap of luxury​​,​ where the Miami skyline becomes your backdrop and the open seas your playground. With its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship​​,​ this yacht is your ticket to an unforgettable Miami experience. 🌞 Sun-Kissed Luxury and Unwind 🌞 Let the sun caress your skin as you lounge on the spacious deck​​,​ feeling the gentle breeze in your hair. The Pardo P38 boat boasts a unique blend of contemporary design and comfort​​,​ making it the perfect spot to unwind​​,​ soak up the sun​​,​ and relish the coastal beauty that Miami offers. 🌊 Thrilling Miami Adventures 🌊 Chart your own course along the Miami coast​​,​ exploring hidden coves​​,​ vibrant sandbars​​,​ and iconic hotspots. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swim​​,​ engage in exciting water sports​​,​ or simply anchor and enjoy the company of friends and family. The Pardo P38 boat is your versatile vessel for both relaxation and exhilaration. 🌅 Sunset Magic and Evening Sophistication 🌅 As the day transitions into night​​,​ witness the Miami sunset casting its golden glow across the water. The Pardo P38 boat transforms into a haven of sophistication​​,​ perfect for intimate dinners​​,​ cocktail parties​​,​ or simply gazing at the city lights. With its well-appointed interior and top-tier amenities​​,​ your evening aboard is a celebration of Miami's allure. 🛥️ Unveil Miami's Charms Aboard the Pardo P38 boat 🛥️ Embark on an unforgettable journey with the 38-foot 2022 Pardo P38 boat rental. Whether it's a romantic escapade​​,​ a celebration with friends​​,​ or a corporate event​​,​ this yacht encapsulates the essence of Miami's chic coastal lifestyle. 🌴Book now and uncover the city's charms from the deck of your private floating oasis. Your adventure awaits. Book Now on Upisle.com! 🌴

  • Boat TypeBoat
  • Boat MakePardo
  • Boat ModelP38
  • Boat Year2022
  • Boat Length (ft)38
  • Boat Passenger Capacity12
  • # of Cabin Bedrooms1
  • Boat CaptainCaptain (rental includes a captain)

Boat Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathroom
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Children's Life Jackets
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Boat Rules

We ask that you enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible, but please do not bring infants, pets or smoke onboard. Also be respectful of our beautiful boat by treating it with care so others can enjoy after you.

Boat Cancellation Policy

Free cancellations until 24 hours before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 24 hours of the booking start date are non-refundable.


Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Miami
Boat is located at: A Private Residence


  • NT

    Had a great experience. We were running 10 mins late but the host was very understanding. I will book in the future when I return to Miami.

    Norman TSeptember 2023

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