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Miami Freediving Charter
Miami Freediving CharterMiami Freediving CharterMiami Freediving CharterMiami Freediving Charter
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Miami Freediving Charter


Come join us for an unforgettable under water experience as we take you and your group on a freediving adventure within the vibrant blue waters of Miami! WHAT IS FREEDIVING? - Freediving​​,​ free-diving​​,​ free diving​​,​ breath-hold diving​​,​ or skin diving​​,​ is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing rather than the use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear ACTIVITIES WE OFFER - Freediving - Fishing - Spearfishing - Lobstering - Snorkeling - Boating # OF PASSENGERS= up to 6 - We offer multiple experiences for up to 4 passengers​​​​​​,​​​​​​ up to 6 passengers​​​​​​,​​​​​​ up to 8 passengers and up to 10 passengers. - This listing is specifically for up to 6 passengers in your group - Please select the correct fishing experience based on the number of people in your group (I.E. don't select our 10 passenger experience if there's only 4 people in your group). - If you need help​​​​​​,​​​​​​ simply contact us through Upisle. ADDITIONAL FUN - If lobstering​​​​​​,​​​​ fishing​ or spearfishing we can prepare for you the freshest ceviche onboard with your catch! - If you bring your own alcohol​​​​​​,​​​​​​ we can also craft freshly muddled strawberry caipirinha cocktails onboard for you. ADDITIONAL FEES - Please provide a 20% tip at time of your trip directly to the crew members! THE BOAT - We have multiple boats. We will select the most appropriate boat model based on the number of people in your group and based on which experience you will be participating in (fishing​​​​​​,​​​​​​ spear fishing​​​​​​,​​​​​​ snorkeling​​​​​​,​​​​​​ lobstering​​​​​​,​​​​​​ diving​​​​​​,​​​​​​ boating). POPULAR FISH SPECIES IN MIAMI - Swordfish - Grouper - Sailfish - Snapper - Wahoo - Amberjack - Snook - Tarpon - Mahi Mahi *Book your Lobstering experience today or contact us through Upisle with any questions!

  • Watersport TypeScuba Diving

Watersport Rules

Please listen carefully to your guide for the safety of yourself and others.

Watersport Cancellation Policy

Free cancellations until 5 days before the booking start date. 50% refund of booking charges for cancellations between 2-5 days before the booking start date. Booking charges for cancellations within 2 days of the booking start date are non-refundable.


Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Miami
Watersport is located at: A Marina


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